Shredded Scientific Guide from A-Z
This program is the best tool to find out the secrets behind getting shredded and being healthy. With this program you will be able to gain the knowledge, the motivation and the lifestyle you are looking to achieve

✔️ Written and designed by Jay Cellier who has over 15 years of professional experience and B.A. in physical education. Jay is an international athlete, model and motivator
✔️Over 100 pages of content include
✔️Smartphone friendly viewing, android, IPhone, iPad, P.C. and Mac compatible and is printable

What`s included

✔️The Shredded Scientific Guide from A-Z
✔️The Ultimate Macro Calculator
✔️The Food Chart

Nutritional Excellence

✔️2 diet samples which demonstrate a Low Carb Day meal plan and a High Carb meal plan
✔️How to get Shredded with proper nutrition
✔️How many calories you need to consume on a daily basis
✔️How to calculate your calories, BMR & DCR
✔️The Ultimate Macro Calculator that allows you to calculate your calories and macronutrients immediately and automatically.
✔️2 templates that allows you to build your own diet by choosing your foods amongst the food chart that is provided low carb & high carb day
✔️How to manage and manipulate your food intake on a daily basis
✔️How to Cheat smart
✔️The best supplement list which explains their benefits, what to take, when and how to take them


✔️Provided is the Best Training system to get Shredded and this include
✔️The ultimate training with 12 different training days cycle

✔️Key  exercices with the number of sets, tempos and rest time for each exercice.

✔️All muscle groups are targeted in your training and from all angles.
✔️Exercises that include intensification techniques such as ( Superset, drop set, giant set, etc )
✔️A cardio program is included

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