This transformation pack is designed to provide you with an efficient strategy to getting massive. In this program you will learn the essentials of what you need to build real muscle mass. 



✔️ Training program: 

  • Key exercices with the number of sets, tempos and rest time for each exercice.
  • All muscle groups are targeted in your training and from all angles.
  • Exercices that include intensification techniques such as ( Superset, drop set, giant set, etc )
  • A cardio program is included

✔️ Meal plans:

  • Diet programs are included for three categories of body weight. This includes under 75kg (165lbs); Between 75-85kg (165-187lbs) and over 85kg (187lbs)
  • Included is your supplement guide. It provides you with the details of which supplements to take and when to take them.

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