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There is nothing worse for an athlete who is giving it 100% to not see an evolution or progress in their development. Unfortunately, at one point or another, everyone is confronted by this dilemma.
I often ask myself what is it that I need to do more of, to obtain my goal and objective; which is to have a muscled, sculpted, symmetric and esthetic physique.
If you have decided to embark on a journey of physical transformation, we focus on the genetics and health we have. Although some may be more lucky on this front, do not concern yourself with their luck but know that you too can achieve the results and changes you are looking for.
Since I am an athlete and a fitness instructor with fitness certification I have always maintained these 5 fundamental rules to ensure my success and I am sharing them with you, to support you with your success.

1 – Budget
Consider this rule as one of the most important.
From the beginning it is important that you establish a budget to ensure that you are able to cover the essential costs in relation to your fitness needs. In order to be successful you will need to establish 3 components for your budget based on your economical needs, comfort and optimal results.
For all three components you will need to ensure that you take into consideration the following aspects; nutrition, supplements, gym membership, equipment and self-care. Even if your budget is limited, it is important that you have a plan for success.



 2 – Workout

It is imperative to have a training program that is tailored to meet your needs. This will ensure that your workouts are both effective and efficient. A good training program has a yearly overview of your goals and objectives to achieve. In order for your plan to be successful it is important that your training routine is updated and modified every 4 to 6 weeks. This is fundamental because it will allow your muscles to adapt to different exercises as well as your ability to increase your intensity in your workout. In changing your training routines you are allowing different muscle groups to work and thus avoiding over taxing the same muscle groups consistently. Do not forget the importance of applying different intensity techniques such as (dropsets, supersets, setting different tempos etc…) to your workout.
You can easily be inspired by different training programs which you can find on either the internet or in magazines. It is important to ensure that if you are following a trainer on line or in a magazine, that they have an area of expertise in what you are looking for and that they are recommended. In doing so you are ensuring that your results will be guaranteed.
One of the things that people do not know is that 90% of Fitness World Champions have their own trainers to guide, support and motivate them. Be inspired by them as they too need to work hard to achieve the results they are looking for.


3 – Nutrition
Your fitness plan is based on 70% nutrition and 30% on your workout, therefore it is important that your grasp the importance of nutrition in your program. From experience I have witnessed many times in the gym where members are immersed in intense training and they have either not eaten enough or have eaten foods that are not conducive to training. The result for both men and women is that they are not training with intensity, their efforts are minimized and therefore their results are compromised.
This sport is not only for disciplined brutes, you need to have the right combination of Beast mode (yeah!) in conjunction with intelligence and self-reflection.
It is imperative to define your calorie intake in conjunction with the following factors:
Your morphotype (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) with your level of stress, your level of physical activity (type of training, your professional occupation) your objective (which should be reflected in your yearly work out plan/goals)
Do not forget to add the type of macro nutritional elements as this will define the type of diet you are on, for instance 500 calories of chicken versus 500 calories of rice is not at all the same.



 4 – Supplements

You will need to integrate in your strategy the need to take essential supplements which your body will require. This is not only to improve your overall health but to help you with your performance and recuperation. Therefore your physical transformation will be dependent on your set budget. I recommend that you purchase the essential supplements listed below.
They include, whey protein, multivitamins, BCAA, and glutamine. These supplements will definitely support you in obtaining the physique you are striving to achieve.


5 – Mental Approach

This is aspect is very important if not imperative to your success. Let me explain…you can have the genetics of a champion, a budget that allows you to meet your needs, the best trainer in the world with an excellent training and nutrition program but with all these winning elements on your side if you do not have a healthy mental approach to your ambitions they are worth nothing.
You need to self-reflect on who you are, where you are at this moment, focus on a realistic goal, and ask yourself what are your short, middle and long term objectives. In doing so, you are allowing yourself the ability to honestly reflect on what your ambitions are and build on your inner strengths and resilience to focus on your ability to forge ahead and achieve what you are out to achieve. With this attitude you will have the confidence and optimism that all great Champions maintain all the time to succeed. Do not fool yourself in thinking that Champions are gifted with this inner insight on their own. They themselves have started at ground zero and moved on to achieve what they dreamed about and had the right attitude of making a dream into reality. So the question, is why not you?
Use the means around you to help you stay focused and motivated. The internet is a useful tool to watch and listen to motivational speakers, watch videos, listen to music that motivates you… You may want to purchase a t shirt that inspires you. Find a training partner who encourages you and makes you realize that the sky is not the limit that you are your own limit, and therefore helps you can go beyond what you thought was your limit. By confronting your limits, you will notice that there will be a difference in your emotional and mental approach to entering the gym. Therefore when you come to the gym, work out your stress and allow the adrenaline to boost the positive thoughts and feelings of accomplishment and you will leave feeling satisfied and that you were able to accomplish something for you, regardless of the day you had prior to your workout!


In conclusion, as you can see the 5 rules are inseparable and integral part of success.
Be vigilant and if at any time your progress becomes stagnant revisit and reapply the 5 rules and in no time you will see your situation change. I’m your fitness trainer, train hard and stay motivated.


Jay Cellier 


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